Why I Created Sacred Earth Tribe

Rocky Mountain Moon

Summer 2015

I spent the morning in the woods. Is there any place more magical than a sunlit Aspen grove?

I had come to the woods to perform a small ritual and consecrate the formation of Sacred Earth Tribe.  I was greeted by a hummingbird as I embarked on my mission. The tiny hummer stopped feeding on wildflowers and buzzed all around me, dipping and hovering right in front of my face again and again. A one bird welcoming committee – what could be more auspicious?

I have always loved the woods. And the prairie. And the sea. The wild places of Earth hold magic and joy for me. Nature was my first teacher. And even though I have studied with a lot of amazing people, Nature continues to be my favorite teacher. The time I spend out in Nature feeds my Soul. And what I learn from the Soul of Nature informs my writing, my teaching, my parenting… my entire view of this world.

My relationship with Mama Earth is my touchstone, it anchors my entire life. And that love is why I created Earth Lovers. It is my way of giving back to Mama Earth, of thanking her for all the wonder and wisdom she has shared with me through the years.

Times passes so quickly. It has been almost 50 years since I first splashed in the creek and danced with the old oaks near my childhood home. It feels like it’s time to share what I have learned from all my wanderings in the wild places. This web site is my way of sharing the wonder and wisdom of Mama Earth with you.

When Nature is in a balanced state, earth, water and sky overflow with abundant, joyful, Soulful energies. But over the past 40 years, I have watched the state of Mama Earth degrade at an alarming rate. And I now believe that if we wish for our grandchildren to survive and thrive on Planet Earth, we must re-learn how to love and honor this planet.

Living in sacred partnership with this planet is our natural state of being. We need only to reconnect and remember. The Soul of Nature is calling us home.

This Tribe was founded with my voice and my personal vision, but it is my hope that this Tribe will ultimately become a community of voices, speaking out for our sacred Mama Earth.   Now is the time to dream a new Earth into being!

Salmon swims
Crane watches

Bear feeds.
Lightning strikes

And I hold it
All within.

I am the Earth
The Earth is me.

Love Our MamaSacred Earth Tribe
One Earth, One Tribe

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