A Creation Story

In the beginning, there was nothing but the Void.

Nothing but Nothingness, and an ancient feminine presence who moved inside the Nothingness. She Who Has Always Been moved within and through the Void, holding safe the potent memories of all that had come before.

One day eternal Spirit spoke. The sound of Spirit’s voice reverberated through the Nothingness. Spirit’s sacred voice vibrated and danced with the memories of all that had come before.  And in an instant, elemental forms sprang out of the formless. Light separated from dark, and heaven from earth. The horizon came into being, holding the edge between what is here now and what is possible beyond this now.

Spirit vibrated with elemental earth, air, fire, and water; loving each one for its unique gifts, and playing with what was now possible within the space of heaven and earth. Spirit danced and sang, creating suns, planets and many other wonders from fire and breath, dust and ice. And eventually our sacred Earth coalesced in the light of its sun, seeded with the infinite potential for new life.

One day, as Spirit moved in love across the Earth, a simple single celled plant burst forth out of the alchemical dance of sun and air, earth and water. And then more and more intricate plant forms arose and joined the dance. Animal life came next, perfectly designed to sustain itself on the oxygen and plant life that arose before it. Each new stage of life was nourished and informed by what had come before.

Over time, an intricate web of seething, breathing, giving and receiving life arose on Earth. Life wove itself into existence by allowing Spirit to dance and love it. And the miracle of  Life continues its elemental creation dance with Spirit to this day, shifting and creating anew in every moment.

Until one day you decided to be born and join the dance.