Guiding Principles


Sacred.     Every animal, every tree, every river and stone on this beautiful blue planet has a sacred spirit. And the spirits of Nature hold a wisdom that modern people tend to deny and ignore. But the wisdom of our Earth is exactly what we need to solve many of the issues that plague us today. Let’s share the deep sacred wisdom of Mama Earth with anyone and everyone!

Connect.     Many people today are disconnected from the natural world. They have forgotten that it is sacred Earth who sustains us. Let’s help people to reconnect with all the power and joy of Mama Earth.

Listen.    If we listen, we can learn from our Earth. She/he vibrates and sings with deep love and wisdom. It is time to slow down, get still and listen for the Soul Song of Earth and Sky.

Love.   It is time for people to love and respect the land, the water, the sky as well as all the plants and creatures that share this Earth with us. A groundswell of love for Mama Earth will change people’s behavior and ultimately heal all kinds of environmental problems.  It is time to fall deeply in love with our sacred Earth again!

Dream.    Never underestimate the power of dreaming. Sacred Earth Tribe was created with guidance from dreams. And Nancy continues to use dreams to guide EarthLove work. Today’s dreams seed tomorrow’s reality. It is time dream about the kind of future we want for our children and grandchildren. It is time to change our world by dreaming big and holding the vision of a sustainable future for us all.

Transform.   Change begins small, with a single person’s heart opening. Yet,  every little ripple of change has the potential to grow into a major wave of transformation and sweep the entire planet. Let’s focus on making little ripples and hope for a big transformational wave!

Sacred Earth Tribe
A Voice for Mama Earth

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