What Can You Do?

Prayer for Mama Earth

Full Moon Dreaming

This shamanic dreaming journey was recorded as the Full Moon rose in our sky. Get comfortable and let me guide you into sacred Dreamspace.

Connect with Earth Breathing

A beautiful meditative practice with Mama Earth
from Chameli Ardagh at Awakening Women

Heal with the Heart of Mama Earth

Use this Guided Meditation to relax and open to the heart of Mother. Earth

Balancing Your Elemental Nature

Explore the 4 elements that are the foundation of all life on this planet – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Learn how to work with and rebalance the elements within your beautiful body.

Peace in the World, Peace Within

Do you wish for peace, crave peace? Then focus on inner peace.
This audio guides you through a simple practice to cultivate peace in your world.


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Sacred Earth and Sky
Love Your Mama