Dream a New Earth

Dreamer of Malta 3000 BCE

“We are the space where the Earth dreams. We are the imagination of the Earth, that precious realm where visions and organizing hopes can be spoken with a discriminating awareness not otherwise present in the Earth system.” 

~Cosmologist Brian Swimme,
The Universe Is a Green Dragon

Dreams live at the heart of us. Soul speaks to us through dreams. And dreaming has transformed life on planet Earth again and again; the horseless carriage, the loom, the telephone, the washing machine, air travel… even the common chair. These inventions all started out as someone’s crazy dream. The simple act of dreaming has transformed life on Earth again and again.

Unfortunately, many people today have lost touch with the power of dreams. We can be in such a hurry to reach that next goal, and then the next, that dreams seem like a colossal waste of time. Yet, if we can slow down enough to connect and listen to our dreams, they will help us find our way home.

It is time to harness the power of our dreams.  It is time to dream a new Earth together.

What might be possible if we learn to listen to Mama Earth?

Can we dream with Mama Earth as our ancestors did?

What kind of magic can we create together?

Love Your Mama

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