Full Moon of Forgiveness

‪ Full Moon rises in sensual earthy Taurus.
Dark emotional undercurrents of Scorpio rock this time.
You may question your deepest desires & intentions
as flaws & Inconsistencies are laid bare.
Abundant self-love will help you navigate
this deeply introspective time. ‬
Surrender to what is.



Taurus Moon and Uranus

‪This new moon in earthy Taurus is amplified by Uranus
moving into Taurus as well.‬

‪A big shift has begun.
It’s about honoring and valuing
the feminine within ourselves and our Earth. ‬

‪Great time to connect with Body and Earth
from a space of love.‬



Big Bodacious Moon

from en.wikipedia.org

The moon is full — and it’s a big bodacious moon this month! 
This full moon is in Earthy Taurus, lover of sensual pleasures, getting physical, and all things beautiful.

After a heady election week here in the U.S., we could all use some grounded physical activity.  Take time to commune with Mama Earth. Go for a walk, do yoga or calisthenics, lift weights, ride a bike… Get outside and get PHYSICAL!   Enjoy yummy sensual pleasures as well — your favorite food, wine,  flowers, grounding root vegetables, loving touch.

Get out of your head and come back to ground.


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