New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra, the airy sign of balanced relationships.  With so much polarizing information swirling around you, it can be difficult to maintain your inner balance. This new moon is the perfect time to pause and listen for the wisdom of Soul within. Ask how you can restore your own balance so you can relate to others from a calm neutral space.



Libra New Moon

img_0699New moon in airy Libra, the sign of balanced relationships. What can you do to create more balance between work and play in your personal life? How can you embrace equality and justice for yourself and others out in the world?

Take a few steps towards more balance, more equality, more justice in your life now.

Libra Full Moon with a Partial Eclipse

Sacred Moon

Chaos reigns

Istanbul bombing, Brussels bombing…
The entire world seems to be stirred up and on edge.
What we need right now is calm and peace.
Turn off your phone and computer.
Find a quiet place and sit.  

Breathe in the quiet.
Reconnect with the stillness within you.
Breathe out prayers for peace

And visions of a loving world.