Calling All Dreamers

Dreaming Fox

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.

~Yoko Ono

Have you ever had a dream where you related to Mama Earth or her wild creatures in a new way? Ever communed with the Moon? Dreamed of dancing with a tree? Or swimming with a whale? Ever had a dream about Nature that touched you deeply?

If so, I would LOVE to share your dream here!  Before you say NO, please take a moment to imagine how much your dream could inspire other people to dream and connect with Nature and Mama Earth in new ways. Your dream could change someone else’s entire view of life on Earth!

And no need to be shy – all dreams are published anonymously. 

Send your WILD earthy Dreams to:

I cannot promise that every single dream will be published on this web site. But I will promise that your dream will be read with reverence and careful consideration.

I hope and pray that by sharing these WILD earthy dreams we will inspire others  to connect with our beautiful Mama and dream in magical new ways

Love and Hugs


Tree Lessons

While camping in the mountains, I dream of a huge old pine tree. In my dream, grandmother pine shows me what it is to be grounded and spacious at the same time. I am “planted” next to the old pine. I can feel the night wind rush down the valley towards me. The sound and feel of the cold wind surrounds me. I am grounded, connected to the earth. And I am spacious, connected to the sky. My body connects earth and sky.

The next morning I wander over a rocky ridge next to the campground, and  see grandmother pine tree right there in front of me! I can’t stop smiling. I walk down to take a good look at her. Grandma pine is actually here in the valley. She is real. I place a hand on her bark and silently thank her.

After this dream, I never looked at trees in the same way. Now I like to go and sit with trees whenever I can and listen for their wisdom.


Running Wild

I once had a dream that seemed to happen in Africa, in a  hot,dry and dusty flat landscape. The gnus (in French we say ”gnous”, and Google translates it as ”wildebeeste”, but I’m not sure…) are running, many of them, very fast, and I am running with them in the orange dust. I can see their mane, and their strangely skinny legs, very strong nevertheless. When I need rest, it is as if I can jump into the animal running by my left side, and I put myself in a foetal position as he goes on running. And when I am well and rested, I jump out of the gnu and immediately find myself running as fast as he does. Fantastic exhilarating feeling!

The concrete effect this Dream had on me was to go and learn about shamanism, and eventually integrate shamanic techniques and vision of reality into my practice of therapy. I first studied in the FSS, and now with Robert Moss.

Running Wild was originally dreamed in French. Here is the French translation:

Femme qui court avec les Gnous

Un jour, j’ai fait un rêve qui semblait se passer en Afrique, dans un paysage plat, chaud, sec et poussiéreux. Les Gnous sont en train de courir, il y en a beaucoup, ils vont très vite et je cours avec eux dans la poussière rouge. Je vois leur crinière et leurs pattes étrangement fines et néanmoins puissantes. Quand j’ai besoin de repos, c’est comme si je pouvais sauter à l’intérieur du Gnou qui court à ma gauche, et je me love en position foetale en lui qui continue à galopper. Et quand je suis reposée, je saute hors de l’animal, et instantanément je cours à ses côtés aussi rapidement que lui. C’est un extraordinaire sentiment de joie!

Ce rêve m’a incitée à aller m’intéresser au chamanisme, et à finalement intégrer dans ma pratique thérapeutique des techniques et la vision du monde chamaniques. J’ai étudié d’abord à la FSS, et maintenant avec Robert Moss.

Women Singing the Earth by Mary Southard